Application letters to be sent before 18-09-19

You are hereby invited and warmly welcome by the French Operation Headquarters (FR-OHQ) for participation in the iteration of the EU CSDP Operations Planning Course at Political-Military Strategic level (EU PPMC) & EU Operation Planning Course at Military Strategic Level (EUOPC).

2. Course Purpose

The purpose of the EU OPC is to provide individual & collective training on Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) operations planning for EU military and civilian personnel at the military strategic level, focusing on a Comprehensive Approach (CA), considering the dynamics of cooperation and coordination between EU, and other actors.

3. Language proficiency

English SLP 3232

Please note that language testing is a sending nation responsibility to ensure that participants meet the given standards. No additional training or translation will be provided.

4. Security Classification

The content of this course is UNCLASSIFIED.

5. Policy on personal data

In order to get a seat on the course you will be asked to provide personal data, by doing so you also give your consent to the processing and storing of your personal data for internal use only.

You will also be expected to clearly state to FR-OHQ staff if you have any objections against appearing on course photos or have your data in course address lists etc.

6. Administration

a) Important information to national administrators etc.

It is important that the invitation itself reaches the student intended to participate in the course since it contains information that he/she needs in the application process.

7. Contact and Application

a) Point of Contacts (POCs)

Administration – Course Admin Office
Mr. Jean-Hervé Michelot Phone: +33 6 14 63 18 54

b) Student Application

Student applications should be sent to IFESO NLT 18 SEPTEMBER 2019. Nominations received later will however be considered, if seats should be available. Templates for Application may be downloaded in the website.

When the application form has been filled in, authorized and signed by the national authority/POC, it should be sent, in electronic format, to The course admin office will reply that they have received the application. This reply does not mean that the student has a place at the course, only that the admin office has received the application.

c) Point of Contact (POC)

In the application form the student must report a national point of contact (POC). The POC should be the Commander/ Branch that approves the application.

d) Student selection

If a nation has more students applying than slots available on the course, it is up to the applying nation to prioritize among its nominees. If this is not done, FR-OHQ will select the students it deems most qualified.

If the nation is interested in sending a student to the course but do not initially have a name of the participant in question, the nation can get a preliminary seat at the course in order to get the selection process started.

e) Application procedure

The POC/Student will be notified normally before 30 September 2019 whether or not the nominated student is admitted to the course. If admitted to the course, the POC/Student will receive a Letter of Admission, indicating further details of the course, how to pay the tuition fees and connect to the internet-based distance learning platform.