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After more than thirty years in the French Armed Forces, Jean-Hervé Michelot and Eric Guillemin created the French Institute of Strategic and Operational Education (IFESO) in 2013.

Éric Guillemin

A graduate of the École de l’Air in 1986, he qualified pilot of Jaguar, then Mirage 2000.

After the Joint Defense College in 1997, he became an expert in planning and conducting joint operations, serving more than ten years at EMIA Creil and PJHQ in London. He commands the Bordeaux-Mérignac Air Base from 2009 to 2011.

He has over 3,000 flight hours, 38 war missions, and has participated in six overseas operations in Africa, the Persian Gulf, Turkey and the Balkans.

Jean-Hervé Michelot

Jean-Hervé Michelot entered the Army in 1981 and made the first part of his career in the infantry and the light aviation of the army.

After the Joint Warfare College in 2000, he became an expert in planning and executing joint operations, and served more than ten years in the French Joint HQ (EMIA) in Creil, ALINDIEN, and NATO Joint Command in Naples.

It totals more than 100 parachute jumps, over 2000 helicopter flight hours and has participated in 12 overseas operations in Africa, the Persian Gulf, the Balkans, Indonesia, Haiti and Afghanistan.

Stéphane Girardeau

Stephane Girardeau join us in 2021 after a military career in French Air Force started in 1987 as Ground Based Air Defence specialist. Along 33 years positions as operational weapon system specialist, Air Defence master, Air Operations instructor and NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence / Ballistic Missile Defence Operational Capability Officer Primary Responsible, Stephane is fully familiar with strategic, operational and tactical planning processes.
Graduated from the French War School College, he has developped solid expertise in NATO planning through a large number of NATO Response Force certification exercices. He found and developped his inclination to teach through two position at the Air Operations NATO Center of Excellence (CASPOA), Familiar with complex decision making process, he, particularly, likes to engage in multinational and joint environment,

bertrand renon

Entered at IFESO in 2014, Bertrand Renon made his career in the Air Force as a commando fighter. He commanded the BA 123 Air Parachute Commando of Orleans and the operations headquarters of the Special Operations Command Staff. He is an expert in operational and strategic planning, as well as operating an operational staff in crisis management.

Major posts occupied:

Chief of Staff National Territory / CDAOA – BA 117 Paris Balard
EMIAFE – Creil – BA 110 – Deputy Chief Operations Officer
CEM Operation SERVAL
INHES-J (promo 19)

Patrick Blanc

Joined IFESO in 2017, Patrick Blanc is a former officer of the army (mountain troop).

He has participated in many operations (Kurdistan, Somalia, Bosnia (2 TB), Haiti, Chad, Lebanon).

Expert in planning, he worked for UN DPKO (New York), NATO SHAPE J5 (Mons) EUFOR Congo.

Éric mariel

Came to IFESO in 2014, Éric Mariel is a former officer of the army (foreign legion).

He has participated in many operations (CAR, CHAD, UNPROFOR, SFOR, KFOR, Ivory Coast, Enduring Freedom Afghanistan, Mali, Sahel) at the tactical and operational levels.

Expert in planning and conducting joint operations.

Alain Hinden

Collaborator of IFESO since 2016, Alain Hinden entered the naval school in 1975. He has commanded three ships including the frigates La Fayette and Jean Bart, as well as several international naval forces, NATO, the United Nations, of the Enduring Freedom coalition, or national ones like the Carrier Strike Group.
Graduated of the war school and the Center des Hautes Études Militaires (CHEM-IHEDN), he acquired his expertise in the planning, management and command of joint operations on numerous occasions, in particular by commanding the General Staff Joint Forces and Training.
He now acts as a senior mentor or Force Commander in formations such as C3OIA, COMANFOR, CJEX, CDG5S, or in exercises such as the “Griffins” of the Franco-British expeditionary force CJEF.
Alain Hinden created Spot On Strategy in 2019, in order to implement for the benefit of companies his own method of designing Strategy Compass strategies.

Francis Simonis

Collaborator of IFESO since 2019, Francis Simonis is Director of research at the Institute of African Worlds in Aix-en-Provence (IMAF-Aix). He teaches the contemporary Africa history at the University of Aix-Marseille and at the Defense College of the G5 Sahel in Nouakchott where he mentors studies on Sahelian security situation. Having lived for a long time in Guinea, Mali and Burkina Faso where he stays regularly for his research, he specialized in the study of terrorist armed groups and self-defense militias in the Sahel.

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